Your debit card

Safe, secure and simple ways to pay

Pay in-store using your bank card

There are lots of options to pay when in-store:

  • Pay by contactless
    Save time and pay up to £100, or you can choose a lower contactless limit. Look for the contactless symbol at the checkout. Find out how to use contactless.
  • Pay using mobile or wearable devices
    Make contactless payments using Apple Pay or Google Pay on your mobile or wearable device. 
  • Pay by chip and PIN
    Remember to always cover your PIN. If you've forgot your PIN, you can use See PIN to remind yourself when paying in-store. 

Don't forget to turn on debit card notifications so you can keep track of what you've paid.

Pay online using your bank card

Shopping online using your card is one of the safest ways to pay.

  • Save your payment details using autofill on your internet browser, making your checkout quicker and easier. Find out more by visiting Safari , Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge autofill guides.  
  • Don't have your card at checkout? See card details in your app gives you secure access to your card details so you can make online payments. Criteria apply.
  • Help your money go further. It's easy to keep track of your spending in your app. Find out more about your spending insights and set budgets using the tracker. You must be aged 16+. Only available for Personal and Premier accounts.
  • Shop safely online. Be fraud and scam aware when shopping online. Find out how to protect yourself. 
  • Use strong passwords when spending online.
  • Problem with an item you've bought? We may be able to help. Visit our card payment support centre.

Pay using your digital wallet

You can pay via contactless using your mobile phone, tablet or wearable device without carrying your debit card. Apple Pay and Google Pay work anywhere that accepts contactless payments. If you see the contactless payment symbol or the option to pay by Apple Pay or Google Pay, payment will be accepted. 

  • No personal information is passed from your phone to the reader. We keep your payments safe and protected – just like chip and PIN or contactless payments. 
  • You can make payments over the contactless limit in a shop without even needing a device signal. 
  • Keep your account safe with your device's biometric login (fingerprint and/or facial recognition are available on selected devices).

Set up your digital wallet 

Apple Pay

Find out how to set up Apple Pay so you can make payments using your Apple device.

Google Pay

Find out how to set up Google Pay so you can make payments using your Google device.

Click to Pay

Click to Pay is a new, convenient and secure way to pay online using your debit or credit card without the need to fill in the details every time. Available at selected retailers.

Card payment controls

Customise and set payment controls for your card so you're always in control of your money. Using your app, you can turn off and on the types of payment your card can be used for. Criteria apply.
  • Get peace of mind
    You can choose to turn off certain payment methods if you don't use them.
  • Keep on top of what you spend
    If you find it easy to spend more using contactless, you can choose to turn off contactless payments.
  • Help your money go further
    Use card controls to manage payments such as subscriptions, which can help reduce your spending.
  • Choose your own contactless payment limit
    If you want to feel extra safe with a personalised contactless payment limit below £100, you can now choose your own limit.

Set up card payment controls

1. Log in and select account

Log in to your mobile app and select the current account you want to set controls on.

2. Manage my card and card payment controls

Select 'Manage my card' followed by 'Card payment controls'.

3. Toggle on and off controls

You can toggle on and off payments including contactless (including set a limit), Chip & PIN, online & telephone, gambling and international in-person. 

Spending abroad

Buy a drink on the beach without the need to carry cash. Where accepted, your card, mobile or wearable device could make all these payments safely.
We don't charge a fee to send standard international payments using online banking or the mobile app. Criteria apply.

Requesting money

Get paid easily within the NatWest app, through PayMe, Split Bill and Reusable Payment Link.
Need to square up with friends?
You can share a secure Reusable Payment Link or a QR code, or you can do this as a single payment request using PayMe.
Need to split a bill with flatmates?
Split Bill allows you to share a card payment with multiple people at once.
Eligibility and criteria limits apply.

Pay a person or bill

Did you know you can make a payment using our mobile app or Online Banking?
  • Pay a person or a bill securely from your account using online banking or your mobile app. 
  • It's safe and secure with biometric approval to confirm it's really you. It takes just seconds.
  • Be a ScamSmart investor and check the FCA ScamSmart website before you make an investment payment.

Limits apply. You must be aged 16 or over.

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