Existing customers moving home

Take your current mortgage deal with you

You could avoid paying an early repayment charge by taking your existing mortgage deal with you

Move home easier and avoid some costs. 

  • Almost all of our mortgages are portable
  • Your new mortgage application must be completed prior to redeeming your current mortgage 
  • When you move home you can take your existing mortgage balance at your existing rate and there is no need to pay an early repayment charge
  • You can downsize or increase the size of your mortgage to meet your needs, however some extra charges and checks may apply
  • We already know you, so it's quick and easy to buy your next home with us       

I'm looking for a new mortgage deal

Find out your options for a new mortgage if you're:

  • About to roll off an existing mortgage deal
  • On standard variable rate
  • Are considering breaking your current deal

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