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5 simple New Year climate resolutions for 2022

Green resolutions for the New Year

After COP26, climate is now at the forefront of a lot of people’s thoughts. As we move into a new year, it’s the perfect chance to make a fresh, green start. If you’re in need of inspiration, take a look at some of our simple New Year resolutions below that could save you money too (and feel free to steal them for yourself).

1. Go meat free, even just some of the time

Plant based meals have come a long way in the last 10 years, with so many alternatives to meat on offer. So, with that tasty prospect in mind, why not try having a couple meals a week that are meat-free? With 20% of the UK’s carbon emissions coming from food production and consumption, even a small change like that can make a big difference.

You could save £457 per year by going meat free

2. Reduce your food waste

According to research by World Wildlife Fund (WWF), one third of all food ends up being wasted. Not only is it incredibly harmful to the environment, but it means that the average UK family loses out on £350 a year. Use some of these tips below to get you reducing your food waste.

Meal prep is key

Plan your meals for the week, write down your shopping list and only get what you need.

Your freezer is your friend

Make a big batch of something for dinner and freeze the leftovers. You’ll have meals at the ready and zero waste.

Back of the fridge recipes

Fruit needing used up? Throw together a smoothie or fruit salad. Vegetables on their way out? You’ve got the perfect soup ingredients.

Check out our tips for reducing household waste

3. Give your time (or money) to a worthy cause

It’s all well and good saying that you want to help the environment but putting your time or money into a cause is what can really make a difference. Look at charities focused on nature and sustainability to volunteer or, if you’re financially able, consider offering a regular donation. 

4. Put your money where your mouth is

Even though many of us try to make small changes at home to help the planet, according to the 'Make My Money Matter' campaign, much of the £2.6 trillion invested in UK pensions still funds harmful industries like fossil fuels, tobacco, and arms.

Taking control of your finances

It can often feel like you don't have much control in what you’re investing in. But if you do a little bit of research, you could choose to invest your money in things that could make a real difference to the planet.

Find out how you can fight climate change through your investment habits in our guide to responsible investing.

Greening your pension is one of the most effective things you can do to combat climate change

5. Switch to a green energy provider

According to moneysupermarket.com, customers could save up to £300 per year by switching their energy company, an easy way to make a change to your bills and the environment. 

You're usually free to leave your current energy provider at any time, but many companies will charge an exit fee.

Check out our guide to reducing your energy bills for more smart ways to save money and the planet.

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Updated January 2022
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