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If you already have NatWest Invest, we have a dedicated page to help you.

It includes contact details, how the funds have performed, how to transfer your existing ISAs and investing guidance articles. 

Fund Performance for Investment Products

As an existing customer you want to check the performance of your existing investment, so we’ve pulled together all the prices of each fund so you can compare them.

From the information below, pick a fund and go on to view the performance.

Personal Portfolio Funds (PPF)

Five ready-made funds, available to invest in through NatWest Invest. All with low fees and charges. Each with a different level of risk. The more risk you take, the greater the potential for a larger long-term return. 

The funds

  • PPF1 - Low risk
  • PPF2 - Low to medium risk
  • PPF3 - Medium risk
  • PPF4 - Medium to high risk
  • PPF5 - High risk

Investment Funds

Investment Funds consists of six funds ranging from income, growth or a bit of both. If you invested in Expert Managed Solutions before 17th May 2019, they were merged with these funds.

The funds

  • Managed Defensive Fund
  • Managed Equity Growth Fund
  • Managed Growth Fund
  • Managed Income Fund
  • Global Bond Fund
  • UK Equity Fund

Other services

Please select which product you have from the options below so we can provide you with relevant information in relation to your investment plan.

Junior ISA - RBS Stakeholder Fund

The NatWest Junior ISA – RBS Stakeholder Fund was withdrawn from sale in 2019.

Child Trust Funds

Child Trust Funds were available for every child born on or after the 1st of September 2002 until the 2nd of January 2011.

Structured Deposits

This includes helpful information around Autopilot Bonds.

Investment Bonds

This includes information about Investment bonds, with-profit bonds and the Guaranteed Income Bond.

Discretionary Portfolio Investment Services

This includes helpful information on Investment Management Service, Multi-Asset Portfolio Service and Portfolio Management Service.


This includes helpful information on Stakeholder pensions (SHP), personal pension plans (PPP), Self Invested Personal Pensions (SIPP). 

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