Existing savings customers

Manage your savings

Account maintenance


Pay via standing order

It's a great habit to start - you can easily change or cancel the standing order any time you like and you can choose how often you want to save, whether weekly, monthly or less frequently.

Make one off payments

You can quickly and easily transfer money to your savings account any time you like via our mobile app or online banking if you have them, or you can call or visit us in branch.


Can I withdraw money?

If you have an instant access account, you can withdraw money at any time- no notice is required.

Remove account party

Removing a party from my account online

Did you know if you have a joint savings account you might be able to remove a party online? Please review each section below to understand what this will mean for your account.

Close your account

How to close your account

If you're registered for Online Banking, in most cases you can close your savings account online.

Existing ISA customers

If you already have an ISA with us, learn more about our ISA guide, reactivating your account and transferring an ISA from another provider.

Manage your Digital Regular Saver

You can view and manage your Standing order on your Digital Regular Saver account via the Mobile App or Online banking. For more information see the Digital Regular Saver.

You can also manage your account through Telephone Banking or visiting a branch. 

What does "DRS Overfund" mean on my transactions?

  • You can only pay in a maximum of £50 into your Digital Regular Saver each calendar month. If you do pay in more, we’ll send the excess back to your current account.
  • The returned money will appear on your transactions list as “DRS Overfund ‘current month’". For example if you paid in more than £50 in June, the returned money would say "DRS Overfund Jun".

Personal Savings Allowance

Changes to tax free savings

On 6th April 2016 the Personal Savings Allowance (PSA) launched which means every basic rate taxpayer (people who pay 20% tax on income) can earn £1,000 interest per tax year without paying tax on it.  Higher rate taxpayers (people who pay 40% tax) get a £500 Personal Savings Allowance whilst additional rate taxpayers (paying 45% tax) don’t get any allowance.

The Personal Savings Allowance is as well as an ISA allowance.

Savings terms and conditions

Tools to help you save

Savings goal tool

Our savings goal tool can help you to save towards your goal and track your progress – whatever it is you’re saving for.

Budget calculator

Our budget calculator can help you manage your budget so that you can stay on track with your savings goal.

Calculate take home pay

Find out more about any salary deductions you might see on your wage slip and how to work out your monthly take home pay.

Want to learn more about saving?

Whatever you're saving for, we can help you get into the habit of putting away a bit of cash each month.

Got your savings sorted?

Then why not take our free Digital Financial Health Check. From everyday spending to planning for the future, it’s full of hints and tips to help you get your finances on track.

Something else we can help you with?