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We want to make your financial life as simple as possible, so we’ve gathered all the information for your Child account, also known as an Adapt account, in one place.

The Child account is for 11 to 17 year-olds.

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Interest rates

Ways to pay

Contactless payments

Use contactless for an easy and safe way to pay for all those everyday items. Limits apply.

Google and Apple Pay

Just add your debit or credit card to digital wallet - Apple Pay or Google Pay™ on your phone for an easy and secure way to pay. Apple Pay and Google Pay are available on selected devices. Retailer limits may apply.

Make a transfer or payment 

You can make payments or transfers on the go using our mobile app or Online Banking. Limits apply.

Standing orders and direct debits 

Make regular payments to clubs, gyms or other companies using standing orders or direct debits 

Account T&C's

Current account terms, rates and charges

Mobile and Online Banking

5 reasons why you should use our mobile app

View your balance and statements anytime

Make payments to your saved payees (limits apply, aged 16+ only)

Pay someone new without a card reader (limits apply, aged 16+ only) 

Transfer money between your accounts 

Online Banking is a secure, easy to use and convenient way to manage your account

View your balance

Make payments

Transfer money between your accounts

Set up and go paperless

Turning 18 soon?

The week of your 18th birthday we'll change your account to our free adult Select account. All of your account details will remain the same meaning you can continue with your day to day banking with no fuss.

We will be in touch before your 18th birthday with more information about changing your account.


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You're never too young to start good habits.

Maturity account options 

Direct Debits

Direct Debits 

Direct debits give a company permission to take money from your bank account on an agreed date. They’ll need to notify you of a change to the amount or date. For example, you might use a Direct Debit to pay for your gym membership or to your school for meals or trips.

Standing Orders

Standing Orders

You tell us (the bank) to pay an exact amount to another account regularly. For example, you might set up a Standing Order to put money in a savings account. 

Other useful stuff

Other useful stuff

There is other information that you might find handy about Direct Debits and Standing Orders.

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