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We want to make your financial life as simple as possible, so we’ve gathered all the information for your Child account, also known as an Adapt account, in one place.

The Child account is for 11 to 18 year olds.

Earn 1.00% interest on your balance

You’ll earn interest on everything you pay into this account.  Interest is when your money earns money. So, if you had £100 in your account, 1.00% interest would be £1.00. In other words, you get a bit of extra money, just for keeping money in your account. 

What you should know

Interest is calculated daily and paid monthly.



AER/Gross p.a. (variable)




Annual Equivalent Rate (AER) This is a notional rate used for interest bearing accounts which illustrates the interest rate if paid and compounded each year. It helps you to compare the effective rates of credit interest on different accounts.

Gross Rate This means the interest rate you are paid before the deduction of basic rate income tax.

Mobile and Online banking

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View your balance and statements anytime

Make payments to your saved payees (limits apply, aged 16+ only)

Pay someone new without a card reader (limits apply, aged 16+ only) 

Transfer money between your accounts 

Online Banking is a secure, easy to use and convenient way to manage your account

View your balance

Make payments

Transfer money between your accounts

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