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Managing your money

We can help you manage your money

First things first, let's get you to the help you need. Choose from our range of practical tools below and read our guides on managing your money.

Our money management guides

Take a look at our guides on budgeting, saving and dealing with debt. We have guides to help you review and improve your credit score, get help if you're struggling financially, and reduce your household bills.

Young person working at laptop Work out your salary

Work out your salary

Before you start budgeting, it's important to know how much you've got coming in each month and understand any deductions from your wage packet before it lands in your current account. 

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Purse close-up Better budgeting

Better budgeting

Getting a clearer idea of your monthly budget could help you make better decisions about how you manage your money and plan for your future. Take a look at our top tips to help you budget better. 

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Couple looking at documents at laptop Smarter saving

Smarter saving

Reviewing your direct debits or switching energy supplier are two ways you could potentially save money and give your monthly budget a boost or leave you a little extra to save for a rainy day.

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Are you worried about your finances?

We understand that sometimes people struggle financially. If you're worried about paying money back or you're struggling to pay your mortgage, rent or other bills, find out how we can help.

Could you make your money go further?

Times are tough - you're not alone if you're feeling the pressure. We've got expert ideas and tips that could make you feel more in control and help your money go further. 

Take care of your credit score

We've pulled together our tips to help you improve your credit score, from making sure information held by credit reference agencies is accurate to making timely payments on your accounts. Read our guide to credit scoring to find out how you could improve yours today.

Reduce your household bills

Running a household can be expensive, but there could be a few things that you could do to minimise costs and save some money. We're got a range of guides and quick tips to help you get your bills under control.

Plan for changes in your mortgage rate

Our mortgage interest change calculator can help you find out what your new mortgage payments might be if your interest rate is changing. This is useful if your fixed deal is coming to an end.

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