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Save time and sign up for Online Banking

The quickest and easiest way to bank with us is via our Online Banking and app. Eligibility criteria apply.

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Insight matters

Our Insights Hub is designed to help businesses like yours at every stage. Keep up with the latest market trends  and download smart toolkits to help you plan ahead.

Find local support

When it's time to scale, start by connecting with one of our local communities. A Local Enterprise Manager will get behind you to give your business the support it needs.

Fund your growth

Check out our tips for bigger businesses who are thinking about scaling on our High Growth pages. You’ll learn about funding possibilities and how to go about landing investments.

Build sustainability into your plans

Financing for your sustainable needs

Taking steps now could help your business become more sustainable. We’ve got some climate-focused financing options that could help you with your goals.

Fees and eligibility criteria apply.

Need to reduce your energy costs?

Find out more on the actions you could take to reduce costs. We've partnered with UK companies that could help provide solutions to reduce costs and help you become more sustainable.

Terms, conditions and eligibility criteria apply.

Green tips for your business

Taking small steps could help your business become more sustainable. We've got the expertise that could help you with your climate goals.


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Independent service quality survey results

Business current accounts

An independent survey asked 1,200 customers of the 15 largest business current account providers if they’d recommend theirs to other businesses. Here are the results from February 2023.