Get to grips with savings

How to start saving

To apply you must be 16+ and hold a NatWest current account. Our App is available to personal customers aged 11+ using compatible iOS and Android devices. You'll need a UK or international phone number in specific countries.

What are savings?

Savings are the money left after your bills have been paid, or from an unexpected windfall. There are lots of places you can put your money to get it earning interest: bank savings accounts, ISAs, or you could invest it.

Savings accounts offer higher interest rates than standard bank accounts. The amount of interest you can earn depends on the account you choose and whether you need instant access to your cash or not. 

How NatWest can help you save

Reach your goal

Saving regularly for a shiny new car or a dream holiday is a great way to spread the cost and avoid that dreaded massive payment.

We’ve got handy tips and tools to help you reach your goals.


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Secure that home sweet home

Property is expensive. Building up savings for a deposit could help you get there quicker. Use our mortgage calculator to see how much you could borrow.


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Save for your future

Saving for a college course or university fees? Putting something aside for the kids? Building up a nest-egg is an investment in your future.

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Build an emergency fund

You never know what’s round the corner. It’s nice to know you’ve got things covered if the boiler stops working or the car breaks down.

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Want to start saving regularly? Let's go.

1. Understand your spending and budget

Track the money you have against what you spend each month. Our app's Spending and Budget Tracker can help you monitor your spend in different areas like bills, eating out or transport.

2. Set a savings goal

Know what you're aiming for. Our app's Savings Goal Tool can help you work out how long, and how much, it'll take to reach a specific goal.

3. Start saving instantly

What you can't see, you can't spend. Set up a standing order to save your money and consider turning on Round Ups to squirrel away the spare change (Eligibility criteria apply).

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How much should you save?

This is up to you, your circumstances and goals. You may have some debt you want to pay off. Or maybe you've got debt but you also want to build up your savings at the same time.

Figure out what your main goal is and put a plan into action. You can set aside a certain amount a month that suits your budget. 

You'll need to work out what you have left over after all your essentials have been met and go from there.


Get your savings on track

We’ve got tips ’n tools to help you stay focused on your savings.

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Savings Goal Tool

Following a plan could make such a difference to how you think about saving. Enter how much you want to save, by when, and our tool will tell you what you need to save each month to get there.

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What's the best savings account?

Well, that depends entirely on your savings goals and what you’re comfortable with. Browse our hub to find the perfect account for you.

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Budget Calculator

Plan for tomorrow’s goals, today with our budget calculator. Plan your monthly budget for free right down to the last penny.

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How to save for your goal

What do you do after you’ve opened the savings account that’s right for you? Let's take a look at how you can get closer to achieving your financial goal.

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