Savings Goal Tool

Let's help you pump up your savings with a goal

Now anyone could win at saving

All you have to do is set yourself a goal. Such an easy thing to do. 

Just tap in how much you need to save and by when and our Savings Goal Tool will tell you what you need to save each month to get there. Following a plan could make such a difference to how you think about saving.

Your 3 simple steps to victory

1. Decide what you're saving for

Wow, holiday? Wow, wedding? Or setting yourself up with some emergency funds, just in case?

2. Link to your savings account

Got an Instant Access Savings account? Go to the app and tap on it to link up. Not got one? We’ll sort that for you.

3. Set your goal

Click on ‘Savings Goal’, tell us how much you want to save by when and leave it to the app to work its magic.

Save like a pro

  • Don’t think of it as ‘saving’. Instead, think about putting money aside for something you really want or building up your rainy day fund.  
  • Not sure where to start? Our Round Ups tool makes saving simple - just pay with your debit card and we'll round up the amount to the nearest pound, then send the spare change to your savings account.  Save little and often and the pennies soon add up.
  • Another great way to get the ball rolling is to set up a Standing Order to go into your savings account on pay day. Try starting small and you might surprise yourself when you see those savings start to grow.

Any questions?

Ready, steady, goal!

Got an Instant Access Savings account with us and the app? You’re ready to go. Go to Savings Goal on the App and link to your savings account.

Not got an Instant Access Savings account with us?

No worries. Have a look at what we can offer.

Not got the app yet?

Step this way and we’ll show you how.

Want to reach your savings goals quicker?

How to start saving

Ready to start saving and take control of your financial future? Check out our guide to discover the benefits of using a savings account, how to save regularly, and how your savings can earn you interest.

Work towards your savings goals today

Got specific financial goals but don't know where to start? We're here to help. Discover the best strategies for saving towards your goals, and get tips for staying motivated along the way. Plus, explore tools and resources that could help track your progress and achieve your savings goals faster. 

Discover our savings accounts

Stash the cash for your future with one of our many savings accounts. Whether you're saving for the long term, or for a certain goal, we could have an account for you. Specific account eligibility criteria apply.

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