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Manage your money

Could you make your money work harder and go further?

Set a budget

You could cut your spending with our budgeting tool and tips.

Money worries?

Struggling to pay for a loan or everyday bills? We can help you.

Track your spending

If you find you've been spending way too much on certain things, you can set yourself budgets in different categories. Work out where your money goes with our app's Spending feature.

Borrowing to suit you

Borrowing options

Compare options to see what type of lending could work for you.

Borrowing guide

Pick the type of borrowing that could best suit your needs.

Overdraft calculator

See how much a NatWest overdraft might cost.

Find out your credit score

Get your free credit score and view some of the key details that help to calculate your score all on our app, making it easier to plan ahead.

Mortgage tools and guides

NatWest mortgages are available to over 18s.

Mortgage essentials

Get tips for financing your home with our mortgage guides.

Mortgage calculator

Find out how much you could borrow and plan for your future.

Mortgage payments

We're on hand to provide the right level of support.

Want to make the most of your money?

Use our financial health check tool and learn how to make simple banking changes that could benefit you.

Help to save money

Our guide to ISAs

Great reasons to put your money away in an ISA.

Savings accounts

Pick the right account for your needs.

Set savings goals

Save smart with savings pots on the NatWest app.

Better banking for you

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Tackling fraud

Working with you to keep your money safe.

Updates to our app

Even easier mobile banking and new features.

Covid-19 support

How we can help if your finances are affected.

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