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Investing online with NatWest

Get a cash reward of between £250-£5,000 by combining your pensions with NatWest Invest

Offer ends 11th November 2022 

Your capital is at risk, eligibility criteria, T&C's, fees and charges apply

Investing with NatWest

Choose how much you want to invest and how to hold your investments - in a Stocks and Shares ISA or a General Investment Account.
You can also get help with our online automated advice. With automated advice there is a one-off fee of £10 for the advice if you invest. There will be no fee if we think investing isn’t right for you or if you don’t invest.
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Start investing from £50

  • Your investments are managed by Coutts investment managers.
  • Withdraw at any time, although investing is designed for the long term.

Choose investment options

  • Invest up to £20k in the current tax year with a Stocks and Shares ISA.
  • Invest as much as you like with a General Investment Account.

Responsible investing

  • Invest in a range of companies and industries who aim to positively impact our world.
  • 5 ready made funds, from cautious to daring.

Investment options

When you invest you'll have two choices on how to hold your investment. Whichever option you choose you'll still need to choose from one of the 5 ready made funds, you can't select individual stocks and shares to invest in.

Stocks and Shares ISA

Investments held in a Stocks and Shares ISA means you don’t need to pay UK Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax on any investment growth. But there’s a limit on what you can invest in ISAs in any given tax year, for the current tax year it's £20,000 (this is the total for both Cash ISAs and Stocks and Shares ISAs). 

General Investment Account

There’s no upper limit to the amount you can invest in a General Investment Account. However UK Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax may be payable.

You can hold investments in a Stocks and Shares ISA and a General Investment Account. 

What is your investment personality?

Just like you, each has its own characteristics. So if one of them sounds familiar, it might be the investment that will suit you best. Find out about our 5 funds in more detail


Cautious and Careful

This is Personal Portfolio 1 Fund and it’s the lowest-risk fund we offer. Think of it as swimming in the shallow end with the peace of mind of being able to stand up.

Steady and Sound

This is Personal Portfolio 2 Fund and it's the low to medium risk fund. Think of it as venturing into the deep end of the pool but you know you can touch the side at any time.


Balanced and Bold

This is Personal Portfolio 3 Fund which is the medium risk fund. This is like the first dip in a lake. It may be colder and get your heart rate going, but there should be some beautiful views.


Optimistic and Assured

This is Personal Portfolio 4 Fund, which is the medium to high risk fund. Think of this as swimming out a little further to explore a reef. There are some beautiful things to see but it can be unpredictable.

Daring and Determined

This is Personal Portfolio 5 Fund and it is the highest risk fund that we offer. This is like deep sea diving. You should see some amazing things but as always there is a level of danger to consider.

Fees, charges and costs

Here’s what you could pay to use NatWest Invest for a year when making monthly contributions…

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How to start investing

Log in and explore invest

Log in to the NatWest investment portal, you'll need your Online Banking details. You can see a forecast of how an investment could perform.

Complete your investment

Firstly, let us know if you want to choose your own investment or automated advice.  With automated advice there is a one-off fee of £10 for our advice if you invest. There will be no fee if we think investing isn’t right for you or if you don’t invest.

Sit back and relax

Coutts investment managers will invest your funds. Log back in at anytime to check your investment and top up.

All okay? You’re nearly ready to start your Investment journey?

To do this, you’ll need to be a NatWest customer with online banking, aged 18 - 84 and a UK resident for tax purposes.

Learn more about investments

Whether you’re an experienced investor or just finding out what investing is, we’ve got a range of articles to help you understand more about investing.

We regularly update our articles depending on what’s happening in the market so check back for future updates.

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