Credit cards

Find the best credit card for you

Our credit card benefits

A global MasterCard

Our credit cards are MasterCard – so you can use them worldwide, in shops and online.

Stay safe

We protect your card with the latest tech. Plus, your account is covered by our Fraud Promise.

Forgot your PIN?

No worries – see it quickly and safely via our ‘See PIN’ feature in our app.

Check your eligibility

Find out if we’ll say ‘yes’ before you apply. Don’t worry – it takes minutes and won’t affect your credit score.

Just pick a card, then choose ‘Check your eligibility and apply’.

Get your card within days

It takes less than 10 minutes to check your eligibility and apply for one of our credit cards. If we say ‘yes’, your card could wing its way to you in five to seven working days. 

How to get extra help with your banking? 

Are you an existing customer who needs a little more help? Maybe you’ve got a disability, English is your second language, or you’ve recently lost someone.

We’re here for you. Just let us know once, so we can update our systems and offer you the support you need. 

You can tell us online, call us, or visit a branch. To share your details with us, go to Banking My Way.

Other ways we can help

Manage your existing credit card

Find out how you see what you've spent, make payments, get a new credit card and more.

Credit card, loan or overdraft?

Credit card, loan, or overdraft? What's the best was for you to borrow? Our guide will help you decide.

Support when you need it

Worried you can't pay your NatWest credit card? We're here to help you get back on track.

Something else we can help you with?