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Understanding using credit cards abroad

How does travelling with a credit card work?

While most credit cards can be used abroad, you could pay foreign transaction fees on each transaction. This charge is for the service of converting sterling into local currencies and is added on top of the exchange rate.

Some credit cards are designed for you to take abroad. These cards often have 0% foreign transaction fees.

Why get a credit card to use abroad?

Credit cards can help you to manage your spending abroad. The benefit of most credit cards that have been designed for travel is that they don’t charge foreign transaction fees. This means that they could help you to save money on each foreign transaction.

Read about how we can support you before, during and after your trip below. 

Before you travel

  • Let us know that you're going away by registering your travel plans
  • Take control of your spending by using our budgeting tools to set credit limits, lock or unlock certain transaction types and set a daily or monthly budget
  • Use our card currency calculator to get a clearer picture of what exchange rates and charges you could pay when using each of our credit cards abroad
  • Make sure that you know your pin number
  • You can set up and use your credit card on Apple or Google pay

Whilst you're away

  • Some of our credit cards offer 0% foreign transaction fees, helping you to save money when spending abroad 
  • Have peace of mind knowing that the exchange rates you get are passed on from Mastercard®, with no added fees
  • Get alerts if we spot anything odd or unusual on your account
  • Switch on spending notifications to help you keep on top of your spending


When you're back

  • Pay your credit card from any major UK bank using Payit  in our mobile app
  • You can apply for an instalment plan on eligible purchases to manage the interest repayments on your spending
  • If your holiday company goes into administration or your holiday isn't as described, and you can't reach an agreement with the retailer, you can raise a dispute to try and get your money back

Our credit card range

We support all our customers with managing their spending abroad. Which of our credit cards is best for you will depend on how you plan to use it.

If you are looking to use a credit card for travelling, you may want to consider our credit cards that have 0% foreign transaction fees.

Eligibility criteria applies.

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