NatWest Invest Junior ISA

Help give your kids a flying start in adult life

Invest for your child's future

Most 18-year-olds can only dream of saving towards a first house deposit, or being able to leave university debt free. With a NatWest Invest Junior ISA, we could help make those dreams a reality. Start investing little and often and build for the future. Choose from five ready-made funds managed by Coutts investment managers, so you don't have to. 

Why choose Junior ISA?

  • No UK Income or Capital Gains Tax to be paid 
  • The Junior ISA allowance is £9000 per child in the 2021/22 tax year
  • Invest an initial lump sum from £50, or set up a regular monthly contribution from just £10
  • Top up any time from £10


  • If you have parental responsibility for a child you can open a NatWest Invest Junior ISA for them if they are under age 14 and living in the UK
  • The person applying on behalf of the child must be aged 18 or over
  • The account will be in the name of your child, but cannot be withdrawn until they turn 18 
  • If your child already has a Child Trust Fund (CTF) or a Stocks and Shares Junior ISA held elsewhere and you want to open a NatWest Invest Junior ISA, you will need to transfer it to us first
  • If your child already holds a NatWest Invest Junior ISA with us before October 2019, you can find out about options available to you here

What's your investment personality?

We believe investment should be simple. Find out five funds in more details. 


Cautious and Careful

This is Personal Portfolio 1 Fund and it’s the lowest-risk fund we offer. Think of it as swimming in the shallow end with the peace of mind of being able to stand up.

Steady and Sound

This is Personal Portfolio 2 Fund and it's the low to medium risk fund. Think of it as venturing into the deep end of the pool but you know you can touch the side at any time.


Balanced and Bold

This is Personal Portfolio 3 Fund which is the medium risk fund. This is like the first dip in a lake. It may be colder and get your heart rate going but there should be some beautiful views.


Optimistic and Assured

This is Personal Portfolio 4 Fund, which is the medium to high risk fund. Think of this as swimming out a little further to explore a reef. There are some beautiful things to see but it can be unpredictable.

Daring and Determined

This is Personal Portfolio 5 Fund and it is the highest risk fund that we offer. This is like deep sea diving. You should see some amazing things but as always there is a level of danger to consider.

NatWest Invest past performance

Take a look how the five funds have performed in the past. As investments can go down as well as up, past performance isn't an indicator of future performance.

NatWest Invest fees, charges and costs

Here’s what you could pay to use NatWest Invest for a year when making monthly contributions…

Existing customers

If your child already holds a NatWest Invest Junior ISA with us before October 2019, you can find out about options available to you. 

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