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Use your debit card abroad

Spend abroad with your debit card

Use your debit card abroad

You can take your debit card abroad and spend just like you do at home.

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Always select to pay in local currency

Whether you’re paying in a restaurant, bar or local souvenir shop, don’t agree to the transaction being in pounds. It could cost you more than paying in the local currency. Point-of-sale currency conversion rates are set by the retail outlet and they’re usually less favourable.

For example, if you are in the eurozone then select to pay in euros, not pounds, at the card machine.

Try our card currency calculator and you could get a clearer picture of your conversion rates and charges.

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Will I be charged for using my debit card abroad?

You can take your debit card abroad, but some account types have non-sterling transaction fees. Select your account type to find out more.

Explore the world, spend effortlessly

There are various options for spending abroad with us. Different products offer unique benefits and features - we want you to pick and use what is best for you and your needs. Spending abroad using your debit card linked to a Travel account or a packaged bank account could be a good option.


We can also get you some travel money before you go for your trip.

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If you are looking to spend fee-free* on purchases anywhere in the world - a packaged account might suit you. Benefits for some accounts also include travel insurance, booking discounts, airport lounge access and more.

Monthly fees and eligibility criteria apply.

*Not valid for ATM withdrawals. Other local fees may apply.

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If you are looking to top-up euros in the app and spend them fee-free with your existing debit card, consider a Travel account. Easy set up, 24/7 exchange rate and euro spend tracking. Withdraw €200 fee-free every 30 days too.

Travel accounts can be linked to eligible current accounts only. UK residents over 18. Eligibility and Terms apply. Fees may apply. One Travel account per customer.

Local ATM fees may apply.

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Need travel money?

Order your travel money ahead of your trip and have it delivered directly to your door, or ready for collection at a wide range of locations. Range of worldwide currencies available.

Understand fees and charges

Get to know the charges and fees you encounter abroad, and how best to avoid them - so that you (and your wallet) can really relax on holiday. 

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