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  • Our Agreement in Principle provides a personalised indication of how much you could borrow
  • Will not impact your credit score
  • Can take less than five minutes
  • No commitment to take a NatWest mortgage

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What is an Agreement in Principle?

An Agreement in Principle (AIP) gives you an understanding of how much you may be able to borrow towards the purchase or remortgage of a property. It's a document that you can use with an estate agent, or those selling a property, to show that you may be in a financial position to purchase it.

  • An Agreement in Principle is sometimes known as a 'Mortgage in Principle' or a 'Decision in Principle'.
  • You don't need to be a NatWest customer to get an Agreement in Principle from us, and you're not committed to having a NatWest mortgage. An Agreement in Principle is also not a guarantee we can lend to you.
  • An Agreement in Principle (sometimes called a Mortgage in Principle or Decision in Principle) doesn't cost you anything.

A few more Agreement in Principle frequently asked questions

Can I have more than one Agreement in Principle?

Yes, having an AIP with NatWest doesn't stop you getting another from a different lender. However, if you do have an AIP with us, you can request a fresh one whenever you need to.

Does an AIP affect my credit score?

Getting an AIP doesn't impact your credit score, as we don't run a 'full' credit check. However, this is something we would run if you did choose to apply for a mortgage with us.