Learning to help you thrive

Why learn with us?

To help you achieve your goals we want to provide you with the right skills and knowledge through relevant learning experiences from NatWest and our partnerships.

NatWest Thrive

NatWest Thrive is here to help you develop the self-belief, confidence and money skills to become who you want to be.

Our programmes

We also offer a number of programmes for different life stages and needs. They include online games and resources, workshops, webinars and more. If you're not sure where to start with your career, get help to understand your options with CareerSense. Want to develop an innovative, entrepreneurial mindset, take a look at Dream Bigger or confidently start or grow your business with Business Builder.


Who's it for? 5 - 18 year olds

A free financial education programme for 5 - 18s, with fun activities, games and resources that help teach children about money at home, as well as in schools.


Who's it for? 13 - 24 year olds

CareerSense is here to help you understand your options, and give you tips to help when you're ready for your next steps. Begin your journey here.

Dream Bigger

Who's it for? 16 -18 year olds

Dream Bigger is a fully funded programme focused on developing transferrable entrepreneurial skills in 16 - 18 year olds across the UK.

NatWest Business Builder

Who's it for? Business owners

Whether you’re still in the idea phase or looking to grow your business, we could help you confidently take your next steps. Our free Business Builder online course is packed with practical resources.