Help with your savings

Savings guides and helpful information

Help managing your savings

If you're looking to grow your savings, a savings account or ISA are worth considering to earn more interest on your money. Not sure which savings product will help you achieve your savings goals? Here's everything you need to know on the different types of savings products and how they work below. 

What are instant access savings?

Instant access savings accounts allow you to access your money whenever you need to, unlike a fixed term savings account. Find out the key benefits of instant access savings.

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What is an ISA?

ISA stands for individual savings account. ISAs allow you to save a certain amount of money while paying little or no tax on your interest. Find out if an ISA might be right for you.

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What is AER?

Short for Annual Equivalent Rate, AER is one of the main types of interest rates used on savings accounts. Learn more about what AER means in savings and how it works.

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What is a lump sum?

Lump sums are large amounts of money, paid in one go. Find out how to save a lump sum and start building interest on it.

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What is a fixed rate bond?

With a fixed rate bond, also known as a fixed term savings account, you’ll pay in a lump sum at the start of the term. This is different to instant access accounts that allow regular deposits.

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What is compound interest?

Compound interest could help give your savings a boost. Discover how compound interest works and how to calculate it.

Help building your savings

Build up your savings for a rainy day or a specific life event with our helpful guides on ways to save.

How to start saving money

Savings accounts can offer higher interest rates than standard bank accounts. To learn more on how to start saving money with a savings account, read our how-to guide.

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Keep in control of your money

Whatever life brings you, it's important to feel in control of your money. We’re here to help you turn your plans into reality with our top savings tips.

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Regular savings

Re-thinking the way you spend and save your money, even just a little bit each week or month, could reduce your stress levels and bring more joy to your life. Learn how to make regular savings.

Savings tips

Need help saving more of your money? Don't worry, many of us do. Our guides below offer simple ways to successfully grow your savings and boost your budget. 

Sustainable money saving ideas

It can be expensive to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Here are five ways you could live more sustainably while also saving you money.

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Top 5 money saving challenges

Need a bit of a push to start saving more? We've listed some quick, money saving challenges that you can do at any time. See which challenge works for you.

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Saving money on kids' clothes

Parents share their money savings tips on how to spend less on clothes for their kids, and in some cases get them for free.

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TikTok creators to follow for smart, simple saving tips

If you like using TikTok, here are 7 accounts to follow that offer practical tips, tricks and guidance on how to save your money and spend wisely.

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Seven discount schemes that could save your family money

From coupons to government grants, these cost-cutting discounts could make a big difference to your household.

See how your family might benefit.

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Help with your savings goals

The best way to start saving money is to have a goal in mind. Whether it's a holiday, wedding, car or just extra savings for a rainy day, it's handy to decide what you're saving for. Check our guides to help you set a savings goal. Got an Instant Access Savings account? You could use the Savings Goal Tool in the NatWest app.

How to set up and reach your savings goal

Our step-by-step guide walks you through how to set a savings goal that you can actually achieve. We'll help you work out what you're savings towards - and for how long.

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Use our tool to keep track of your savings goals

Follow our simple guide to access our Savings Goal Tool in the NatWest app.

Follow our guide to boost your financial planning.

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Saving for a big event

Planning for a big event such as a wedding, buying a home or going on holidays can take lots of time, effort and money. Saving for these occasions could be difficult if you don't have a savings or budgeting strategy in place. Our guides below can help you build savings for that special day. 

Saving for your wedding

Planning for your wedding is exciting. But finding the sweet spot between your no-expense-spared dream and an affordable alternative could save you money.

We’re here to help you plan, budget, and save for your big day.

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Easy ways to save at Christmas

The festive season is an exciting but expensive time of year. Here are a few top tips to help you save at Christmas, so you won't worry about hurting your wallet.

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