Request money from someone or split a bill

Request money features

Get paid back using our request money features

Ask someone for money you're owed through the NatWest app.

  • Send a payment link via your device sharing options.
  • Show your QR code to get paid by someone nearby.
  • Or use Split the bill to share the cost of a transaction with friends.

Go to ‘Payments’ then ‘Request money’  to find these handy features.

Split the bill

Paid the bill? Take the awkwardness out of chasing everyone for their share by using Split the bill

Split it evenly or vary the amounts, with up to nine friends, then send them the payment link so they can easily pay you back.

Keep track of who's paid and who hasn't in the NatWest app.


Quick payments with QR codes

Show your QR code to get paid right away, even if your friends don't have a NatWest account.

Add your QR code to your Apple or Google Wallet for easy access and to make getting paid back even simpler.

Use an Anytime link and let your friends choose the amount to pay. This link can be used as many times as you like with as many people as you like.

Or, use One-time link to request a set amount from one person. You choose the amount and the link can only be used once. 

With both Anytime and One-time links keep track of who's paid in the NatWest app.

Payments help and support

International or faster payments?

We've a wide range of ways to accept and send payments, either within the UK or internationally. Explore our range of payment options today. Limits & fees apply.

Bank elsewhere?

The payment request & Split Bill request money payment features are available to NatWest mobile app customers. You can explore our bank accounts today.

Need to download the NatWest app?

Check out what's needed to get you started in our mobile app, and get one step closer to using payment requests / Split Bill.