PayMe - Ask for payment

Request money through your NatWest app

Request payments online and in person

PayMe is a feature available for all NatWest mobile app users to share a single payment request.

Split Bill allows you to share payment request links with multiple people at once directly from your transactions. Great for sharing the cost of a meal with friends.


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It's fast

Settle payments quickly so you're not out of pocket
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It's simple

Get paid back from friends and family in a few easy steps
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It's safe

No need to share your account details, just send a PayMe request from your NatWest mobile app

Introducing PayMe - ask for payment

What is PayMe?

PayMe is a new feature now available for NatWest Mobile Banking users with an eligible current account. It allows you to request a payment from anyone who uses online or mobile banking and has a UK Bank account. 

Send a payment request via link

Log into to the NatWest Banking app and select ‘Payments’, then ‘Request money’ to get paid using PayMe. Enter a payer name, add a quick reference, add the amount and then send a payment request link via your choice of social messaging channel. 

Collect money in person using a QR code

Using PayMe, you can also collect money via a QR code, which can be scanned by any device with a camera. There’s now no excuse for your friends that owe you for that brunch or big night out!

PayMe by link or QR code Step-by-step guide

Familiarise yourself with how to use the PayMe feature with this helpful guide.

Step 1

Open the NatWest app and click on ‘Payments’ at the bottom of the screen; make sure the preferred account is set to the account you want to receive the payment into. Select ‘Request money’ to get paid using PayMe.

Step 2

Choose whether you want to share a payment request link or create a QR code if the person paying can scan the QR code on your mobile.

Step 3

Enter the details of the person you’re requesting money from – their name, reference and the amount, then click ‘Create your link’. To generate a QR code you need to enter the amount and then click ‘Create QR code'.

Step 4

Its now time to share your link.

Step 5

Choose which social messaging channel you want to use to share your payment link request.

Step 6

The QR code created in step three should now be set up and ready to use.

Split Bill guide

Getting to know how you can Split Bills with friends or family

Step 1 

Choose transaction

From the transaction menu, find and select the transaction you wish to split a bill with. You'll then see the new 'Split this bill' button as shown above.

Step 2

Add multiple payers

Now you need to add the amount of people you're splitting this bill with. You can add up to 9 people when splitting a bill.

Step 3

Share payment links

You're now ready to share the individual links. Select each link individually and choose how you want to send your payment request link. An example is shown above.

What is Payit?™


PayMe & Split Bill powered by Payit™

PayMe & Split Bill are supported by Payit™. Payit™ is NatWest's new payment solution that allows a fast, simple and safe way to pay and get paid. It removes the need for you to enter card or account details, passwords or authorisation codes when you are paying online. Instead, you can make secure, instant payments directly from your bank account, via your online or mobile banking.

Request Money

Request money straight from your app using PayMe & Split Bill

You can request money from anyone who uses online or mobile banking in the UK with a participating UK bank, via the NatWest mobile app. ​PayMe & Split Bill are supported by Payit™, an open banking innovation making payments quick and easy. Now there's no excuse for your friends when they owe you for that brunch or big night out! 

Bank-grade security

As Payit™ is a NatWest innovation, it is compliant with NatWest security policies, resulting in a FinTech solution with the security and resilience of a UK bank. Payit™ is safe to use – it doesn’t see your login credentials, or store or share any of your personal bank account information.

Need a little more info? Here's some frequently asked questions

Bank elsewhere and want to use this cool feature?

The PayMe & Split Bill request money features are only available to NatWest mobile app customers.   

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