Report fraud

A guide to reporting fraud

Steps to take first

The guide below will help you check if a payment is genuine or not. There can be a number of explanations for a payment you don't recognise, and we've added the most common ones below.

1. Payment you don't recognise? It might be…

A payment from a company trading with a different name

Some retailers use trading names that are different to their official business name. Check this list of common retailers to help confirm if the transaction is genuine. This can include companies selling on ebay or amazon

A regular debit or credit card payment

Different from a direct debit or standing order, this could be a regular payment made from your card (rather than bank account), such as a subscription fee.

Another cardholder on the account

A joint account holder or secondary cardholder might have made the payment. Check with them first.

An expired free trial


Some companies automatically start taking a monthly fee once your free trial period for their service ends.

2. Goods or services you haven't received

You should always speak to the retailer first to try to resolve the issue directly with them. If you've contacted the company and still need our support, please use our form to raise a dispute.

3. Report as fraud or a Scam?

If you've completed the checks above, and still believe the transaction is fraudulent or the result of a scam, please let us know as quickly as possible.

What do we mean by fraud?

Fraud is where you've identified suspicious activity on your account. This may be a transaction you didn't knowingly make, or an update to your contact details you didn't make.

What do we mean by a scam?

A scam occurs when you've knowingly parted with your money and/or personal details, thinking you were dealing with a genuine person or company. Scammers use many tactics, from intimidation to promises of cash, prizes, services, fictitious returns on investment, even romance.

4. Find the number you need to get in touch

Personal bank account

03457 888 444 (24 hours, 7 days a week)

(Relay UK 18001 03457 888 444)

If you're outside the UK, call: 

(0044) 3457 888 444

The cost of your call will depend on what phone line you are using. See our call charge information page

If your query relates to a debit card transaction of less than £300 you can start to raise a fraud query using our online form.

  1. Simply login to your online banking or mobile app
  2. Select the transaction you wish to query
  3. Click on the ‘Get help with this transaction’ link
  4. Click on the ‘Report Fraud’ option

Personal credit card

0800 161 5153 (24 hours, 7 days a week)

(Relay UK 18001 0800 161 5153)

If you're outside the UK, call:

(0044) 126 850 8020

Lines are open 24 hours a day
You can reverse the charges on calls from abroad through the international operator when calling from a landline. Calls may be recorded

Business customers

If you’re a business customer, visit the Business security hub to learn about protecting your account, or report fraud on your business bank account and business credit cards

Tell us about suspicious activity

Suspicious emails

Feel you've received a fraudulent or suspicious email? Please forward it to phishing@natwest.com

Suspicious texts

Forward any suspicious texts referring to NatWest to the number 88355.

This is not a premium rate number. Standard network rates apply, please contact your network provider for more information on charges.

Suspicious Calls

If you've received a suspicious phone call and think you provided any of your personal security details during the call, please contact us immediately on 03457 888 444  (Relay UK 18001 03457 888 444) (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) 

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