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What is a debit card?

A debit card is a cash-free way of making payments, with the money deducted directly from your current account. It’s a card you use to spend your own money, rather than borrowing.

It saves you from carrying coins and cash, whether paying in-store or online. You can also use it to draw money from a cash machine.

Compare NatWest bank accounts with a debit card

Specific account eligibility applies.

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Our simple, every day bank account. There’s no monthly fee, and you can make contactless payments of up to £100.

To apply, you must be 18+ and a UK resident.

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Reward bank account

For £2 per month, you can earn a 1% reward when you use your card to spend at partner retailers and get money back into your account as you spend. 

To apply, you must be 18+ and a UK resident, and also pay in £1,250 to an eligible NatWest account every month. You can only hold a maximum of 1 Reward account in your name, and 1 joint names.

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Student bank account

Designed just for students, offer T&Cs apply.

To apply online, you must be 17+ and have been living in the UK for at least 3 years.

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Adapt bank account

Our bank account for kids and teenagers. There are no regular fees, and it works with Apple Pay and Google Pay.

This account is available to 11-17 year olds who are UK residents. 11-15s must apply with a parent or guardian who has a NatWest current account.

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What is the difference between debit and credit cards?

The main difference between debit and credit cards is that a debit card uses money already in your current account. A credit card lets you borrow money, which you’ll need to repay along with any interest added.

Manage your NatWest bank account

Managing your NatWest debit card

It’s simple to use your debit card and get a clear view on your spending from any of your NatWest accounts.

You can do this with our Spending and Budget Tracker available on the Mobile App, which can help you budget. Spending Tracker is available to customers aged 16+ who have a Personal or Premier account with us.

Our app is available to customers aged 11+ with compatible iOS and Android devices and a UK or international mobile number in specific countries. Limits apply to certain features and functionalities, please see below for details.

Debit Cards - Frequently Asked Questions