Will receipts captured in the mobile app be attached to my transactions?

Will receipts captured in the mobile app be attached to my transactions?

Yes, captured receipts will be attached to corresponding business or Premier current account transactions in your app. Each transaction will display a paperclip icon to show a receipt has been attached.

Why isn't my receipt attached to a transaction on my mobile app?

We can only automatically attach receipts to the business or Premier current accounts you have on the mobile app. To attach a receipt:

  1. Select a transaction from your transaction list that you want a receipt attached to.
  2. Click on capture receipt.
  3. Capture an image of a receipt and save it.

Occasionally automatically attaching receipts will not be possible if you have made a purchase with more than one card or with a combination of cash, and credit and debit cards. More rarely, there may be cases where the purchase date is not close enough to the date the transaction was posted by the merchant, and the function is unable to find a match.

If a receipt is attached incorrectly, you can delete the receipt and manually attach it to the correct transaction by following the steps above.

To learn more about our Receipt Management feature and how it could help you, please visit our dedicated Receipts pages. If you’re a Premier customer visit our Premier Receipts page (opens in a new window), Business customers visit our Business Receipts page(opens in a new window).

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