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Receipt Management

We’re closing our receipt management service

Our receipt management service, which is currently available on the NatWest mobile app, will close on 28 February 2022. If you receive receipts by email, or use this service, please download all your receipts by 21 February 2022. The latest iOS/Android version of the App will be required. If you receive receipts from suppliers, please let them know this option will no longer be available.

No-fuss receipt tracking

Receipt Management is a free tool integrated to our Mobile banking App. We know losing a receipt can be a pain, especially when you need to return a big ticket item. Our Receipt Management tool lets you easily capture email and paper receipts and store them in one secure and searchable library.

How Receipt Management could help

Store receipts as proof of purchase or warranty reminders if you ever need to return something

Use notes and tags to keep track of your purchases or to quickly find a receipt

Free to all Premier customers

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Categorise expenses in separate folders so you can track total spend and stay within budget

Export or share with your accountant when completing a tax return or filing an expense report

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How does Receipt Management work?

Capture a photograph of your paper receipt or forward your e-receipt to your registered email address in the app. The service will take care of the rest, working it's magic to create a digital receipt, storing essential information about your purchases.

Get started with Receipt Management

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We offer a wide range of support to ensure you can make the most of our Receipt Management tool. Just select a question from our common questions below and we'll walk you through the steps.