Follow our customers' journeys

Greener homes retrofit project

How the project works

We've teamed up with British Gas and Worcester Bosch to cover the cost of home retrofits for nine of our customers, with co-ordination help from Quidos. We'll follow our customers through every stage of their retrofit journey - from start to finish - and we'll share it all with you here. 

Meet the customers and see their homes

Our customers will be filming the improvements being made to their homes and sharing their experience. We'll add more customer videos during the project, showing different types of homes.

Terraced home

Introducing James

Find out what the best part of the process has been so far and what the most exciting element is.

Terraced home

Introducing Hannah

Hear how the property assessment went and what the main learning has been so far.

Terraced home

Introducing Lesley & Emma

Hear about the energy bill challenges the retrofit could help with.

Follow our customers on each stage of their journeys

Stage one

Stage one: Assessment

Beginning of the assessment. This first stage will assess all our customers' homes, which are all different, by our retrofitting specialists.

Stage two

Stage two: making choices

Customers decide what improvements they want to go ahead with and the work begins.

Stage three

Stage three: improvements finished

Stay tuned to see the finished homes and hear what the experience felt like for our customers.

So, what is a home retrofit?

Retrofitting means adding new technology or features to homes. It could help your home become more energy efficient and may even save you money in the long run.

It could help to:

Lower your energy bills.

Make heating your home more efficient.

Reduce the climate impact of your home.

Create a healthier place to live.

The professional's experience

From trying to reduce energy bills, to how much people typically spend, our retrofit co-ordinator shares his experiences of a market that's seeing rising demand.

Questions about the project