Tackling climate change

5 ways to reduce your energy bills

Reducing the carbon footprint of your home

According to UK Government National Statistics, our homes make up 15% of the UK’s total climate emissions.

Our energy saving tips could help you start making some simple swaps and cut down your carbon footprint. Even doing something as simple as switching off the lights could help you save energy, and money.

Ways to save energy at home

Switching energy supplier

How energy efficient is your home?

Energy saving home improvements

Ways to save energy at home

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    Don’t leave things on standby - turn your electrics off fully when you’re not using them. It might seem like no big deal when it’s just switching off the TV, but if you do it for all your appliances over the course of a year it can make a huge difference.

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    Get a smart energy meter. Even though they don’t directly cut down your energy consumption, a smart energy meter can help you understand which appliances use the most energy. Many suppliers will provide them free of charge, so look out for that if you’re switching energy supplier.

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    Use energy saving lightbulbs. When your bulbs go, replace them with an energy-saving alternative. That way, you don’t have to pay for ten bulbs all at once.

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    Wash your clothes at a lower temperature. Washing at 30 will get your clothes just as clean as higher temperatures, and you’ll save money too. And if you’re lucky, your machine might also have an ‘eco’ mode that’ll use as little energy as possible.

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    Reduce the time you spend in the shower. According to the Energy Saving Trust, a family of four could save £75 per year if each person spent one minute less in the shower. So cut down your shower time, reduce your carbon footprint and save money in one go.

Switching energy supplier 

Due to the current situation with increasing wholesale energy prices and a number of energy companies unable to continue trading, it might be more difficult to find a deal when looking to switch your energy supplier at the moment. Learn more about the changes in the energy market here.

If your energy company has had to stop trading or your worried that this may happen, you can find more information from Ofgem about what to do. You won’t be without Electricity and Gas as Ofgem will assign you to a new supplier but this is likely to mean your tariff will change. 

If you’re concerned about rising energy prices and your bills, take a look at some of the ways you can try to reduce your energy usage and also learn what grants and schemes may be available depending on your circumstance. If you’re unable to pay your bills you can speak to your energy provider directly to see how they can help, and you can find out more information on steps to take if you’re struggling financially. 

Energy saving changes for your home

Take a look at how you could save money in the long term with some changes to help make your home more energy efficient.

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