Home Energy Plan

Reduce your energy use and enjoy a warmer home

What is Home Energy Plan?

It’s a free tool that will show how you could reduce your energy usage and make your home cosier too. 

Simply add your postcode to get started or log in to see and edit a plan you've already saved.

How Home Energy Plan works

1. Tell us about your home

Enter your postcode and we’ll make some assumptions about your home from publicly available information (like the Energy Performance Certificate history from GOV.UK and local area surveys) which you can review and edit.

2. Create your Home Energy Plan

See your list of customised suggestions you could make to your home and choose which actions you want to add to your Home Energy Plan.

3. Review your Home Energy Plan

Review the suggestions you have chosen and understand the potential savings and costs to make the changes to your home. 

4. Plan your next steps

Make your plan more accurate by booking a discounted in-home assessment. Compare and choose from tradespeople and browse possible funding options, like grants and borrowing.