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Your money habits

Check out our tips on spending, saving and budgeting. You could find it makes all the difference to your budget at a time when every penny counts.

Saving and spending

Most important dates for your bank balance this spring

This season's key diary dates could affect your monthly budget.

Seven discount schemes that could save your family money

Cutting costs? These discounts could make a big difference to your household.

Seven creators to follow on TikTok if you're ready to start saving

The app known for viral crazes is a treasure trove of cost-cutting tricks.

Six apps to help you save money on everyday spending

Trying to reduce your day-to-day spending? Fire up your app store and download these cost-cutting apps.

Real stories

This is how I'm talking to my kids about money

An expert shares ideas on money conversations with children.

Ask the expert: "I lost two jobs in 24 hours. How can I cope?"

Money expert Alice Tapper offers her tips to deal with job loss.

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Helpful tips

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Seven easy ways to protect yourself from fraudsters.

How the government is helping with the cost of living

Prices are rising, but government help is available for most households.

Handy tools to help manage your money

Six useful tools that could help you manage your money.

Six places you can get free financial advice

Here are six organisations and charities to contact for help.

How a savings pot could help you be ready for Christmas

These top savings tips could help you hit your goals.

Work out your budget

Using our Budget Calculator to take a fresh look at how much you spend could help you feel more on top of things. And it could mean you don’t get into debt. We ask you for some details as you go through the budgeting tool, however none of this data is ever saved.