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Six apps to help you save money on everyday spending

By hooking you up with cheaper train tickets, surplus food and more, these apps could bring your outgoings down.

Every penny counts – now more than ever. If you’re in need of simple solutions to save money on the things you buy every day, look no further than your phone. Here are six apps packed with neat little tricks to help boost your bank balance.

For discounted food: Too Good To Go

Too Good To Go connects users with restaurants, cafés and supermarkets throughout the UK that have surplus food. Just tell it your location and you’ll get a notification as soon as a ‘magic bag’ becomes available near you. To claim one, you just pay a small fee – usually around £3 – and then pick up your bag (or even two) at the designated time. What’s inside? This is a lucky-dip situation, so there’s no way of knowing before you pick it up. However, the total value is often much higher than the price tag.

For cheaper train tickets: Trainline

The Trainline app’s SplitSave feature can save you money without you needing to do a thing. It works by ‘splitting’ your train journey into multiple tickets (instead of buying a single ticket) when doing so makes the journey cheaper. All this means is that you could have a couple of e-tickets on your phone for your journey instead of one – and an extra chunk of money in your bank account.

For pre-owned clothing: Vinted

Vinted is an online marketplace for second-hand clothes and accessories. If you’re overdue a clear-out, selling your old threads is quick and simple. In the market for some cut-price new looks? Simply browse and take your pick – expect to find all the familiar high-street brands and some big-name designers, too. Even better, fees for buying and selling are minimal. For Facebook users, the marketplace function is another way of finding what’s on offer locally. So that could be extra space in your wardrobe and extra cash in your wallet.

For lower mobile phone bills: Airtime Rewards

Airtime Rewards is a loyalty programme that offers members money off their phone bill when they shop with certain brands. As you shop, a percentage of every transaction with the app’s partners (think Argos, Boots and Greggs), is converted into a discount on your Vodafone, Three, O2, giffgaff or EE bill. As an extra bonus, using the app can also make your wallet lighter (in a good way), since it removes the need to carry around stacks of loyalty cards. 

For better deals: Honey

We’re all guilty of searching for discount codes online before we make a purchase, but what if you had an app that did it for you? Honey is an app and browser extension that automatically finds and applies coupon codes at checkout. From travel to trainers, you can even add items to your own ‘Droplist’ to keep an eye on sales and new codes.

For sharing with your neighbours: OLIO

OLIO connects neighbours with each other and local businesses so surplus food can be shared rather than binned. A local bakery may have loaves of bread that expire on the day, or perhaps your neighbour can’t eat all the blueberry muffins they bought ahead of the best-before date. Everything that’s listed is free, and there are lots of non-food household items up for grabs, too.

Kirstie Pickering

Kirstie is a freelance journalist who specialises in business, tech and lifestyle.

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