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Handy tools to help manage your money

Yet to master money management? Here are six simple tools that could put you on the right path.

Managing your money can be overwhelming. Keeping on top of your income versus your outgoings, budgeting for those bigger purchases and unexpected costs, and trying to stash some cash away for a rainy day can end up feeling like a juggling act.

But it doesn’t have to be this way – we know a trick or two that can help. Here are eight tools to check out that’ll help you kickstart your journey to better money management.

NatWest App

With our handy app, access to your accounts is always at your fingertips. You can quickly check your balance and recent transactions, transfer money, and pop over a message to customer support 24/7.

Better still, our app is safe and easy to use – simply login securely with your fingerprint or facial recognition on your phone or tablet.

Savings Goal Tool

So, you’re keen to start saving for something big? Let us help. Just tap how much you want to save into our Savings Goal Tool in our App, add a target date and it’ll tell you how much to save each month to get there. Following a plan could make a big difference and using a tool like this makes it super simple.

Budget calculator

Budgeting can be difficult, especially if your income and outgoings are different every month. Our budget calculator helps you keep on track: tell us what your goal is and add your income and outgoings.

We'll give you a breakdown of your finances and provide some great tips and support that could help get you towards where you want to be. We ask you for some details as you go through the budgeting tool, however none of this data is ever saved.

Income Tax calculator

A great one for those who are self-employed, this tool on the government’s website helps you estimate how much Income Tax and National Insurance you may need to pay for the current tax year. You might even be owed a refund from a previous tax year – it’s always worth checking.

Round Ups

If you’re finding it hard to save money right now, Round Ups could make it a little easier. Every time you buy something on your NatWest debit card or contactless device, we’ll round it up to the nearest pound and send the spare change to your savings account. For example, say you buy a coffee for £2.30 – Round Ups will put away 70p for you. It’s a brilliant way to save without even thinking about it!

Benefits calculator

If you’re struggling to make ends meet, check whether you’re entitled to extra support. Answer a few quick questions and this calculator can give you an idea of which benefits you may be able to claim.

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