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Seven TikTok creators to follow for smart, simple saving tips

Ready to get smarter with your money? These TikTok accounts offer practical tips, tricks and guidance on how to save and spend wisely.

If you still think TikTok is just for viral dances and lip-syncing memes, it's time to do some more scrolling. The trend of educational creators on the app is growing – and there are plenty dishing out helpful savings tips. While financial advice should only be taken from qualified experts, picking up some tricks from social media is a great way to start having a better relationship with your money.

Here are some TikTok ‘finfluencers’ to follow to kickstart your savings goals.

The Broke Generation

Emma Edwards is the brains behind The Broke Generation, which she launched in 2018 to help millennials feel better about their money. As well as hosting The Broke Generation Podcast and whizzing The Glue Newsletter into inboxes every week, Emma shares tips for better money habits on social media, including TikTok.

In one of her most popular videos, Emma discusses how unplanned ‘top-up food shops’ are costing you more than you think and how to shake up your routine to boost your savings at the supermarket.

Every Little Penny

This account offers practical saving tips, from how to recreate your favourite takeaway on a budget to the latest in-store deals. It also addresses the money issues dominating the news, such as rising interest rates, and breaks them down for people who aren’t fluent in financial jargon.

Kathryn Leech, who runs the account, has also created lots of useful content to help followers take stock of their financial outgoings and avoid overspending. 

Aash Thapa

Aash is a personal-finance enthusiast who has amassed a whopping 340,000 followers. He uses TikTok to share shopping tips and tricks – including how to claim a free treat from Greggs – as well as simplified explanations of money topics like credit scores.

In one of Aash’s most popular videos, he even manages to make the idea of marginal tax accessible. No mean feat!

The Quid Squid

Mathew Gay launched The Quid Squid to promote open and honest communication about personal finance. With over 68,000 followers, Mathew chats about everything from discount codes to dissecting what the government’s budgets mean for the average person.

In one video, Mathew gives a warts-and-all breakdown of how he spends his weekly pay, including tax and National Insurance as well as the fun stuff, like monthly streaming subscriptions.

Poku Banks

Poku Banks is on a mission to teach his followers everything they need to know about money. As well as having a solid fanbase on YouTube and Instagram, Poku’s TikTok has amassed over 340,000 followers.

Poku’s videos cover practical tips and guidance on everything from how to prepare for a recession and why you should get a smart meter, to how to start a side hustle or budget for your summer holiday. 

Frugal Spender

Brian Mitchell launched Frugal Spender after overcoming his own financial struggles, and now shares his experiences for the benefit of others. Brian has over 71,000 followers on TikTok and hosts The Frugal Spender Podcast, where he discusses money-related topics with expert guests.

Worried about debt? Brian’s got a video where he breaks down how to pay off different types, offering practical tips on where to start when it all feels a bit overwhelming.

All Things Money

Olamide Majekodunmi is the creator behind All Things Money, an online platform designed to give young adults the financial tools they need to navigate adult life. Her accompanying TikTok offers simplified advice on everything from understanding pensions to how to buy your first home.

Olamide’s ‘three facts’ series explores things you may not know about certain areas of personal finance, including credit scores, student loans and investing. 

Kirstie Pickering

Kirstie is a freelance journalist who specialises in business, tech and lifestyle.

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