Why have I received a new Debit Mastercard®?

Why have I received a new Debit Mastercard®?

We're switching to Mastercard and all our customers will receive a newly designed replacement card. Nothing is changing with your account, and your card will work in just the same way. It's greener too, as it's made from mostly recycled printing and packaging material. There may be a few reasons why you are receiving a new Debit Mastercard®:

  • You are a new customer who has recently applied for a new account with us
  • You are an existing customer who currently holds a Visa Debit Card
  • You have received your Debit Mastercard as a replacement card

Your existing PIN works with your new card. Just make your first payment using your PIN, then you're good to go with contactless. Please update your card details for all your usual online retailers and subscriptions so it's not declined. Don't forget to add your new card to Apple Pay and Google Pay™ too (current account cards only). Some retailer limits might apply, but this one makes life super easy when you're out and about.

You will also have to re-apply card payment controls on your new Debit MasterCard® via the mobile "Manage My Card" section if you have previously set up any on your old Visa card.

If you have questions about your new card you will find more information on our dedicated webpage - Your new Mastercard(opens in a new window).

Please note: You are still eligible to claim refund for any purchase you made with your old Visa card, in line with the merchant’s refund policy, using your Mastercard®. If the merchant says that they cannot refund to a different card and ask for the card matching the part numbers on the receipt. You should explain that this is a replacement card you have received from the bank and that it is for the same bank account.

For Business customers, please visit our business debit card page(opens in a new window).

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