Existing Customers

The ins and outs of your new debit card

A brand-new look

We’ve designed a new Natwest debit card that’s fresh, modern and vertical – the way we tend to hold our card. The new design means all the usual card info is now on the back.

At NatWest, we want to help you do what you want to do sooner, and hope our freshly designed debit cards help you get there – because tomorrow begins today.

These easy steps will help things go smoothly

Don't forget to update your card details

Our top tip is to update your card details on your streaming services as soon as you get your new debit card. It’s not just subscriptions, check your phone plans and other services that could need updating too.

Follow our safety tips

Take a look at how you can protect yourself and your money from crime and stay one step ahead of the scammers.

  • Double check any emails sent to you are genuine
  • Be aware of emails or texts asking you to share your PIN and never disclose your PIN to anyone
  • Never click links or attachments in suspicious emails or texts
  • Check the details the email or text is being sent from.  Are they the same ones the company always use?
  • Only approve payments you recognise and have made
  • Look out for prompts like `Verify your account or password` or `Update security details`
  • If you think the email or text is fake send them to- email phishing@natwest.com or text 88355.
  • If you think someone is trying to trick you to hand money over call us on 159

Will my card be accepted everywhere?

Your debit card will be accepted almost anywhere that accepts card payments, either in store or online.

It's not just limited to the UK. Your debit card is welcomed all over the world in all sorts of places. Use it in a tiny café in Paris or to book a scuba dive off the coast of Hawaii.

Remember that there could be some costs when shopping or withdrawing money while using your debit card abroad.

 You can also use your contactless card abroad like you can in the UK. Just look for the contactless symbol. Limits can vary when you’re abroad.

Other frequently asked questions

Try our mobile app

Our app makes managing your money safe, easy and oh so speedy. You can check your balance or pay friends with just a couple of taps.

  • You're now able to pay in your cheques anytime, anywhere (limits apply).
  • Use your face (and soon your voice) to keep your money even more secure.
  • Our new app update even allows you to use the app in dark mode to save your battery life.

You can download the app here

Our App is available to personal and business banking customers aged 11+ using compatible iOS and Android devices. You'll need a UK or international mobile number in specific countries.

Touch ID and Face ID available on selected Apple devices. Face/fingerprint unlock available on selected Android devices.

Digital wallets

Add your card to your Apple Pay or Google Pay™ digital wallet. Whether you’re paying online or in-store you can make safe, quick and convenient payments without needing to carry cash.

  • It's easy to pay online. There is no need to enter your card details again. 
  • When Apple Pay and Google Pay™ are not available online, they could still autofill your card details - you just need your 3-digit CVV code on the back of your card.
  • You can make payments over the contactless limit in a shop without even needing a phone signal.
  • Keep your account safe with your device's biometric authentication - Face ID, Touch ID or face/fingerprint unlock
  • Your payment information is encrypted and you get instant notifications when money comes out of your account.

You can find more information on Apple Pay here, and on Google Pay™ here.


... and it's better for the environment

New debit cards, made from 86% recycled materials, have been introduced across our Group saving around 190 tC02e in 2022 (tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent).

Visit our Climate Change Hub to learn more about our approach to climate change and how we could help you with sustainable choices.

Terms and Conditions

OK. That’s it about cards. We’re also making some changes to your current account terms and conditions. You can see the full details in the PDF below.