I haven't received my Online Banking activation code, what can I do?

I haven't received my Online Banking activation code, what can I do?

You'll need an Online Banking activation code when you register, re-register or open an account with us. We'll send you your code by text message within a few minutes if you have a UK mobile number.

If you haven't received a text message with the activation code, please try the following:

  • Check that the mobile phone number you confirmed is correct. Please note, if you don’t have a phone number registered, if it’s incorrect, or if you have updated your mobile phone number in the last 72 hours, we will send your activation code via post. This will take 3 working days to arrive.
  • Turn your phone off and switch it back on, then check your text messages to see if you have received a text from us with your activation code
  • Check your signal and Wi-Fi strength
  • Review your blocked contacts on your mobile phone and unblock any NatWest contacts
  • Contact your network provider for any network issues and to check that there aren’t any blocks on their side with specific messages. If there are any blocks, you will need to try to register again to get a new code.

If you are still having problems and/or haven’t received your activation code via post within 7 days, please contact us.

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