Why is life insurance important?

Why is life insurance important?

To judge whether life insurance is important consider the following questions and if they raise concerns then now is the time you should plan how you are going to protect yourself and your family.

Having the right protection in place will give you and your family the peace of mind of knowing that should the worst happen, financial help will be available when you are no longer able to provide that security.

  1. What would happen to your family or your home should you die unexpectedly?
  2. How would you and your family cope if you suffered a serious illness such as a heart attack?
  3. If you were ill and off work for a long period of time, how would this affect your lifestyle?

Even if you already have some protection in place, you need to consider if this is enough or the right type of cover. For example many of us will have life cover for our mortgage-which is great. Should you die unexpectedly, once the mortgage is paid off, money will still be required to run the home and cover everyday expenses such as food and clothing.

Life insurance from NatWest is quick, simple and easy to arrange. You can choose the level of cover to suit your own personal circumstances.

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