Savings goals

Setting and reaching your savings goals

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Savings goals explained

How you want to save will depend on what stage you’re at in life.

You might be thinking of saving for university, your first car, or a house deposit. If you’ve got a family, you may want to put something aside for the kids, or perhaps you’re thinking about retirement planning.

Whatever your situation, it pays to have a plan.

Step 1: set a goal and go for it.

Everyone tends to be more motivated with eyes on the prize. All you have to do is decide what you're saving towards, and for how long. Whatever you're aiming for, our goal-getting steps will keep you on track.

Step 2: crunch the numbers

Your next step is to decide when you want to reach your goal and work out how you’re going to get there. Remember, slow and steady wins the savings race, so make sure you give yourself plenty of time if you’re aiming for something big.

Get inspired to save

Saving gradually towards a goal can make hitting that target even sweeter. Check out our examples if you’re looking for a bit more saving inspiration. Remember: how much you save depends on how expensive your goal is, how much spare cash you have left over after your bills, what you can afford, and how soon you want to reach your goal.

Savings Goals Examples

Setting a savings goal for a holiday

Say you were saving £1,000 for a holiday to Bali. You could save £100 a month for 10 months, or £50 a month for 20 months.

Setting a savings goal for a car

Would you prefer to save up for a £10,000 car, or a £3,000 deposit and finance the rest instead? Whatever your choice, make sure you know all the costs a car has.

Setting a savings goal to buy a house

If you want to buy a £210,000 home in four years’ time, then you might want to save up a 10% deposit (£21,000). That’s £437.50 each month.

Savings goals throughout life

How to set a savings goal for retirement

It’s always a good idea to plan for the future you want. Work out how much money you’d need each year once you retire, and what debt you might need to pay off.

How to set a savings goal as a couple

You could both want to save for a wedding, put money away for children, buy a new house. Whatever the goal, a joint savings account could help you get there.

How to set a savings goal as a teenager

The earlier you start saving, the better. Whether that’s through a weekend job or as a content creator, you can squirrel the cash away into a savings account.

Start to save with Round Ups in our app

Our website and app have a host of tools to help you save. For example, Round Ups is fab for automating a bit of your spending. Let's take a look at how Round Ups can help you save every day.

What are Round Ups?

This video shows you what Round Ups are and how they can help automate a bit of your saving. Available to customers with an eligible NatWest current account and instant access savings account.

Keep your savings on track

We’ve got tips ’n tools to help you stay focused on your savings.

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Savings Goal Tool

Following a plan could make such a difference to how you think about saving. Enter how much you want to save, by when, and our tool will tell you what you need to save each month to get there.

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What's the best savings account?

Well, that depends entirely on your savings goals and what you’re comfortable with. Browse our hub to find the perfect account for you.

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Budget Calculator

Plan for tomorrow’s goals, today with our budget calculator. Plan your monthly budget for free right down to the last penny.

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How to save regularly

Got a goal in mind but struggling to save often? Get the lowdown on how to get into a regular savings habit.

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