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Sim swap fraud

What is Sim swap fraud?

Is where a criminal pretends to be yourself or a mobile operator and tries to your mobile phone network that you need a replacement Sim for your phone. 

This lets them take control of your mobile phone number, which means they can potentially hijack your calls and texts, as well as your online banking details/codes. 

Things to look out for

You've lost the ability to make calls or texts

This is one of the first sign that you could be a victim of SIM swapping. This could mean fraudsters have deactivated your SIM and are using your phone number.

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You receive a notification of activity elsewhere

If your phone provider notifies you that your SIM card or phone number has been activated on a different device.

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You lose access to accounts

If your login credentials suddenly no longer work for things like your banking sites. Contact your bank and other organizations immediately.

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Steps to protect yourself

SIM swaps will be conducted by your phone providers either via requests in their shops, on their websites or verbally via their call centres.

  1. 1

    Don't respond to fake emails, text or phone calls, These are ways in which fraudsters use to gather personal information about you

  2. 2

    Be careful what you share on social media, Avoid posting things about yourself or family members birthdates, pet names and schools as these are often questions used to reset passwords.

  3. 3

    If your phone suddenly stops working then inform both your bank and mobile network

  4. 4

    Use unique passwords that only you will know

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