Payments Hub

A central place for Payments

Bringing payments to the front and centre of the Mobile app 

We’re launching Payments Hub to bring together all the payment features to the front of the NatWest Banking app, making it quicker and easier to move, request, transfer money and manage your payments. 


 All payment features at your finger tips

Make effortless payments with Payments Hub

Favourite a payee

Make it easy to find those that you pay frequently


Request money you're owed, without sharing your bank details

An intro to Payments Hub

What is the Payments Hub?

We have changed the way you access all things payments related.

By clicking the new payments icon at the bottom of the navigation bar you will be able to access all your payment features in one place.


How does the Payments Hub work?

Your payment features are grouped into four options 'Move money', 'Request money', 'Regular payments' and 'Payment settings', just select the option you want and follow the screens.  


We have brought together all your payment features in the hub and updated the wording, including adding a description to make it simple and easy to locate the payment option you require.​

Payments Hub Step-by-step guide

Familiarise yourself with how to use the Payments Hub with this helpful guide.

Step 1

Open the NatWest Banking app and select the ‘Payments’ icon at the bottom of your screen.

There are four different tile options which include ‘Move money’, to make payments and transfers; ‘Request money’, where you can use 'PayMe' to receive money; 'Regular payments' for 'Direct Debits' and 'Standing Orders' and you can manage and view your ‘Payment settings'. 

Step 2

Select your preferred account which you typically use to make payments and transfers, and request money from. 

At any time you can either change your account for a one-off payment or update your preferred account. 


Step 3

On the Payments Hub home page, you can select the ‘Move money’ option which will allow you to transfer and make payments.

You can also send money internationally (fees may apply). 

Step 4

If you navigate back to the home page of the Payments Hub you will find an option called ‘Request money’. Once you click this option, you will be able to ask for a payment using 'PayMe'.

Step 5

Head back to the Payments Hub home page, where you can select 'Regular payments', here you can view and manage 'Direct Debits' and 'Standing Orders'.

Step 6

Go back to the Payments Hub home page again and select the ‘Payment settings ’ option.  You can view your settings such as your 'Payment limits' or manage your  scheduled payments.

What is Payments Hub?

Move money

Transferring money and making payments has never been easier 

Click on the 'Payments' icon on the navigation bar, at the bottom of the navigation bar, select ‘Move money’ and then ‘Transfer money’ to move money between your accounts or if sending a payment select ‘Move money’ and then ‘make a payment’.​ ​Make it even easier to pay your frequent payees by adding them to your favourite payee list.

Sending money abroad to family and friends is simple 

Payments Hub is now the new base for making international payments. It's easy to send money abroad, all you need to do is select 'Move money' from the Payments icon and then 'Send money abroad'. 

Request money

You can request money from friends and family using PayMe   

​It’s fast, settle payments quickly so you’re not out of pocket.​ It’s simple, get paid back from friends and family in a few easy steps .​ It’s safe, no need to share your account details. PayMe requests can be made from eligible current accounts only. £250 limit per request. Paying bank criteria and limits may apply.

Regular payments

Keep up with direct debits and standing orders

You can view and manage your direct debits and standing orders by selecting the 'Regular payments' option  in the Payments Hub and then selecting either 'Direct Debits' or 'Standing Orders'. 

Payment settings

Make it easier to find your  favourite payees

Make payments simpler, manage your payees, tap on a payee and add to your favourites and when you want to make a payment, your favourite payees will be listed at the top of your payees.

Do you know your limits?   

See how much you can pay with the Payment Limits option. 

Make payments effortless with the Payments Hub

The Payments Hub is only available to NatWest mobile app customers.   

You can download the NatWest Banking app in four easy steps. 

1. Open your mobile or tablet.

2. Select the App Store or Google Play store. 

3. Type in 'NatWest Mobile Banking'. 

4. Tap 'Get' to install. 

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