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Contactless payments

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If your child already has an Adapt account, we're here to help you understand how they can use their contactless card. If they don't have an account yet, let us help guide you on how your child could make safe and simple payments using a contacless card. 

Help them make the most of their contactless bank card

There’s more than one way to pay with a card. Your child can:

  • Make contactless payments for transactions up to £45
  • Use the digital wallet available on their phone. Find out more about digital wallets here
  • Make payments using chip and PIN. Remind your child of the importance of always covering their PIN.
Paying with a mobile device

Their digital wallet

Apple Pay and Google Pay

They can add their debit card to their digital wallet - Apple Pay or Google Pay™ on their phone for an easy and secure way to pay. No personal information is passed from their phone to the reader, and we keep your child's payments safe and protected – just like chip and PIN or contactless payments.  

  • It’s easy to pay online. There is no need to enter any card details again.  
  • When Apple Pay and Google Pay are not available online, they could still autofill their card details - they will just need the 3-digit CVV code on the back of their card.
  • Make contactless payments over £45 in a shop without even needing a phone signal.
  • Keep your account safe with your device's biometric authentication - Face ID, Touch ID or face/fingerprint unlock.
  • Payment information is encrypted and they'll get instant notifications when money comes out of their account.

*Touch ID and Face ID available on selected Apple devices. Face/fingerprint unlock available on selected Android devices.

How to add your child's card

Select their NatWest card as their default card in Apple Pay or Google Pay and they can start shopping wherever they see the contactless logo. Our step-by-step guides can help you get started. 

Keeping their payments safe

Help your child stay protected whether they are using their card online or in-store with our helpful safety tips. 

Be fraud aware

We’re always on the lookout for transactions that seem a bit strange. So we might occasionally ask your child to approve an online card payment in their NatWest mobile banking app or by entering a one-time passcode (OTP) before the money leaves their account.

They should treat these codes like a card PIN and never share them with anyone - even the bank, police, or any other trusted organisation.

Remind your child to never approve a card payment in their mobile app that they haven't made or that someone else has asked them to approve - this is a scam.

Find out more about how we protect our customers with Multi-Factor Authentication.

Shop safely online

We all love a bargain but it's important that your child is vigilant when buying online. Remind them not to give anyone their personal information such as login details and passcodes. It's important that they only use shops that you both trust and always take extra care if buying from social media or online marketplaces.

Find out more about things to look out for when shopping online and how to project your child from fraud and scams

Use strong passwords

    When spending online. encourage your child to use strong passwords and to mix them up between accounts.

    Many internet browsers now offer to generate and securely store their passwords to help keep their details safe.

    Find out more about generating and managing passwords in Google Chrome,  Safari on Mac or iPhone, or Microsoft Edge

Store details securely

    Many internet browsers can autofill their payment details – so they only need to remember their 3-digit CVC code on the back of their card. Find out more by visiting Safari , Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge autofill guides. 

Turn on debit card notifications and set payment controls

    Switch on spending notifications in the app and get instant payment alerts.

    Use the app to set payment controls for their card. Turn off and on the types of payments their card can be used for.

Request a contactless Debit Card

You can now request a contactless Debit Card for your child if they have an Adapt account, in order to make contact free purchases. 

If your child has recently applied for an Adapt account or is planning to apply, they will automatically receive a contactless Debit Card when their account has been opened.

To request a contactless Debit Card, log into Mobile Banking and go to Manage My Card > Lost, Stolen or Replace Card > Order New Card.

Child & teen bank account

If you'd like more information about our Adapt account or would like to apply for your child, follow the link below.

The 'Adapt' child bank account is for 11 to 17 year olds who are UK residents.

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