Do I need to register for travel insurance?

Do I need to register for travel insurance?

You don't need to register, you're automatically covered.

If you would like to extend your cover to include pre existing medical conditions or are aged 70 and over, please call us. We may ask you to pay an additional premium or we may not cover your condition.

Level of cover provided by account Account Holder/ Joint Account HolderPartnerDependent ChildrenAged 70 and over
Select Silver/Reward SilverYNN£75 annual premium per person
Select Platinum/Reward PlatinumYYY£75 annual premium per person
Black/Reward Black AccountYYY£75 annual premium per person

Dependent children are:

  • aged under 18 years (or under 23 if in full time education) and,
  • lives at the home of the account holder (or, if separated, that child's other parent).
  • and is not married or in a civil partnership.

If you would like any additional cover please call us to discuss what is available.

Select Silver/Reward Silver Account

Download a copy of your Select Silver/Reward Silver Account Travel Insurance policy (PDF 167KB).

Select Platinum/Reward Platinum Account

Download a copy of your Select Platinum/Reward Platinum Account Travel Insurance policy (PDF 316KB).

Black/Reward Black Account

Download a copy of your Black/Reward Black Account Travel Insurance policy (PDF 296KB).

Select Silver / Reward Silver: 0345 601 5219 (Relay UK 18001 0345 601 5219)
Overseas: +44 1252 308 792

Select Platinum / Reward Platinum: 0345 609 0453 (Relay UK 18001 0345 609 0453)
Overseas: +44 1252 763 658

Black / Reward Black: 0345 6017 188 (Relay UK 18001 0345 6017 188)
Overseas: +44 1252 308 794