What do I do if my child has lost their NatWest Rooster Money card?

What do I do if my child has lost their NatWest Rooster Money card?

What to do if the card is lost, stolen or damaged 


Primary Parents can now order a replacement card in-app.

  • From the family dashboard, tap Card underneath your Child's tile
  • Select Card Troubleshooting
  • Select the issue affecting your card
  • If the card is lost or stolen, you will be prompted to freeze the card before moving on to the next screen - if you have added your Rooster Card to the Apple Wallet or Google Wallet, then this will also freeze the card in the your Apple or Google Wallet and you will not be able to make Apple or Google Pay transactions
  • On the next screen you can update the name on the new card, as well as confirm or update your postal address
  • Confirm the card order

If you are replacing a card with a design that you’ve already paid for, or replacing a card but changing the design to one of our free card designs, then this won't cost you anything. If you would like to change the card design to a different design, then you’ll be able to see the price of this in the app before you confirm your choice.

Additional Parent/Guardians and children won't be able to order their own card in app, but they can reach out to the Customer Service team to arrange a replacement. Email us at hello@roostermoney.com or tap 'Contact Us' in app, and let us know:

  • That you have frozen the card
  • The name you want on the new card
  • Your address