Is my card eligible for MyRewards?

Is my card eligible for MyRewards?

You will be eligible to register for MyRewards if you have one of the following Reward products:

  • Reward
  • Reward Silver
  • Reward Platinum
  • Reward Black
  • Reward Credit Card

You can access your MyRewards account directly through our secure mobile banking app. App criteria applies.

Alternatively, you can set up your MyRewards log-in details with your active NatWest Reward account debit card or your active Reward credit card, which will allow you to access your MyRewards account via Online banking or a web browser.

If you don't have one of our Rewards products and are interested, please take a look at our Reward account range(opens in a new window) or Reward credit card(opens in a new window). Eligibility criteria applies.

When you hold a Reward current account, you can earn Rewards in 3 different ways:

  1. 2 or more Direct Debits are debited from your account each calendar month;
  2. You log on to the NatWest Mobile Banking app at least once each calendar month; and
  3. you pay for things with your debit card at one of our retail partners

Please note: The Direct Debits must debit from your Reward account. You’ll earn Rewards on your debit cards issued on any NatWest current account you have (excluding a Basic Account, Foundation Account or current account mortgage product).

When you hold a Reward Credit card, you can earn Rewards by paying for things with your credit card anywhere, whether in or outside the UK.

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