Why can't we provide you with a score at this time?

Why can't we provide you with a score at this time?

This may be due to two main reasons –

  1. TransUnion have been unable to provide a credit score from the Name, Address and Date of Birth details NatWest provided TransUnion. Please check that the details NatWest Group hold for you are correct and your address details are in the following format – House Name/Number, Street Name, Town/City and Post Code by visiting "Chat to Cora" via the app / Online Banking. If TransUnion are still unable to provide you with a score. Please see TransUnion FAQ webpage(opens in a new window)
  2. We were unable to get your credit score using your name and the current address information we hold for you and therefore cannot currently provide you with a credit score. This is likely to be because there is not enough credit information for you at your current address. This could be due to the following reasons:
    • You have a limited number of credit products (such as overdrafts, loans, credit cards)
    • You rarely use credit products
    • You have moved address or are not on the electoral register at your current address
    • You have recently moved to the UK
    • You have recently changed your name, for example a change in marital status

There are some basic steps you can take to start building up your credit history:

  • Ensure you have financial products registered at your current address
  • Ensure you are registered on the Electoral Register at your current address
  • Ensure any other credit facilities, e.g. mobile phone contracts or utility accounts you have are in your name and registered at your current address

It can take up to six weeks for changes to be reflected in a credit file.

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