I am getting the error "page cannot be displayed", what do I do?

I am getting the error "page cannot be displayed", what do I do?

Here are some suggested solutions for you to try should you encounter the message 'page cannot be displayed'.

Is the address correct?

Try going directly to our secure Online Banking site - www.onlinebanking.natwest.com (opens in a new window)

Try shutting down your computer and turning off your router/modem

Leave them off for at least 30 seconds before turning them back on and re-trying our site.

Check if your Internet Service Provider is experiencing service issues

As the error may resolve itself when their normal service resumes.

If you have Norton virus protection

Please reboot your computer as this may resolve the error.

If you're still getting the same problem

Trying a different browser from our system requirements could also help.

If you are able to access other secure websites and after trying the suggestions above you continue to get 'page cannot be displayed' when accessing our website then please chat to Cora, your digital assistant.

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