How do I book a Video Banking appointment?

How do I book a Video Banking appointment?

You can book an appointment directly through our website or the Mobile App.

After you book an appointment, we will issue a Booking Confirmation email which confirms:

  • The appointment time and date
  • Your unique Zoom link
  • Information on Zoom to help you prepare for the call

In addition to the booking confirmation email, you will also receive an SMS text as well as a reminder email (where the appointment has been booked more than 1 hour prior to appointment start time).

This will contain the unique link that you require to enter the video banking meeting. At the start time of the meeting you follow the link from the reminder email. If you are using a device that has apps (IOS, Android etc) you will be prompted to download the Zoom App to complete the appointment. To make the appointment go more smoothly, we would recommend you download the Zoom app in advance of the appointment.

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