How are you helping me spot the signs of a scam?

How are you helping me spot the signs of a scam?

We're providing advice about key types of scams and the latest scams through our website and social channels. We also promote the industry Take 5 initiative to raise awareness of scams and how to deal with them.

In higher risk circumstances, we perform additional checks on payments that you request, often getting in touch to check details and give advice on signs of scam. Our staff are trained to make sure that payments you believe to be genuine are not actually scams.

There are now warnings and advice (proportional warning messages) when you pay money to a new payee using our mobile banking app, online banking and in our branches and call centres. Since they were introduced, nearly 2 million customers have acknowledged these messages when making a payment to a new payee.

How are you helping people who are not protected by the APP Scam code?

If you use our corporate and commercial services, you aren’t covered directly by the Code, however protecting you from fraud and scams remains a key priority.

We'll continue to invest in cutting edge detection and prevention capabilities and in helping you understand what kinds of attacks your business may be vulnerable to, and how to identify and prevent them.

This includes awareness seminars, customer collateral and our recent ‘Think Twice’ video, as well as dedicated Bankline Security Reviews. We have an active fraud education and awareness programme with consultants who work directly with customers around the country.

We consider all cases carefully and work hard across the industry to deliver the best possible outcome if you have unfortunately been a victim of this kind of crime.

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