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Don’t be fooled, fraudulent callers warning

Criminals can pretend to be calling from the bank to target your business. They want to obtain online banking codes, PINs, and passwords so they can steal your money. They may even have some information about you already, such as a name, date of birth, and address, all to make the deception more plausible. 

If you receive an unexpected call from us, treat it with suspicion, and never be afraid to end a call.

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Fraud awareness webinars

Join our insightful free sessions where our fraud experts explain how to spot and avoid common threats and scams. You’ll discover how to protect your business from the latest tricks, and we’ll use real-life examples to show you how to best avoid becoming a victim. There’s plenty of practical proactive advice to share with your colleagues too.

Fight fraud with us

Sign up to our free fraud e-learning course (hosted by Tessello) to find out more about the common types of fraud that affect businesses – plus tips on how to spot them. In a pick and mix format, you can do it all at once, or dip into it when you have a spare 5 mins. As you complete the modules you’ll also build up a personalised action plan to help you beat fraud.

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Our guides could help you to identify and guard against various threats to your business.

Security toolkits

Make use of our free handpicked tools which are provided by leading security experts.

National Cyber Security Centre

Cyber Action Plan

A simple plan which will support you to protect your business online.

Cyber Essentials

Guard your organisation against cyber attacks with this simple certification.

Cyber Attack Simulation

See how resilient your business would be to a cyber attack.

Global Cyber Alliance

Cybersecurity Toolkit

Free and effective tools you can use today to reduce your cyber risk.


Lessen the threat of email attacks by improving your domain protection.

Quad 9

DNS filtering and anti-virus work together to block access to bad websites.

Helping your business to stay safe, secure and to thrive

We’ve got lots of information on some of the most common scams affecting businesses.

Our security software

We’re committed to helping you stay safe online. Customers could get these great products to help with security.

Helpful resources

Authorised Push Payment Scam Code

Learn more about the code and what it means to your business.

Confirmation of Payee

CoP is a name checking service that checks the name of the account holder you intend to pay.

Our Fraud Prevention Policy

Our main purpose is to keep our customers safe and secure.

Take 5 – To stop fraud

Take 5 is a national campaign that offers straight forward advice and resources to fight fraud.

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