Malwarebytes Software Offer Terms


  • NatWest are offering you a licence to use Malwarebytes software. You don’t need to pay for this licence, but it’s referred to as a “paid licence” in the Malwarebytes End User Licence Agreement.
  • Before you activate and use the software, please ensure that you have read the End User Licence Agreement https://www.malwarebytes.com/eula/ and Privacy Policy https://www.malwarebytes.com/privacy/. The End User Licence Agreement sets out the terms for your use of the software.


  • You must be a customer of NatWest and must be registered for Online Banking to be eligible for this offer.
  • Malwarebytes software can be used on Windows, Mac, Chromebook, Android and iOS devices.

Duration of Licence

  • This licence expires in May 2024 unless we tell you otherwise.
  • Malwarebytes has the right to end the licence at any time by giving you 3 month’s notice.
  • If we decide not to renew our arrangement with Malwarebytes, your licence will not be renewed at its next annual renewal date (unless you agree with Malwarebytes that you will pay the renewal fee directly). You will be given at least three month’s notice if this happens.
  • We will not have any obligation to you to provide substitute software from a different supplier, if this licence is ended by either us or Malwarebytes.


Registration and use of software

  • Any activation codes you receive from us are for your personal use and are non-transferable. Malwarebytes reserves the right to terminate any licences that are re-sold or transferred. 
  • The licence you receive as part of this offer is limited to using the software as follows:
    - on 10 devices if you are a personal or Premier customer
    - on 30 devices if you are a business customer.
    If you need the Malwarebytes software to be used on additional devices you will need to purchase a further licence directly from Malwarebytes.


What if something goes wrong?

  • If the software doesn't perform as you expected and you suffer loss, your right to redress will be against Malwarebytes as set out in the End User Licence Agreement.
  • The terms and conditions of your NatWest account cover what happens if something goes wrong with your account (for example, if an unauthorised payment has been made). These account terms and conditions are not impacted by your use of Malwarebytes.

Find out more about this offer

For more info about this offer and Malwarebytes please visit our Malwarebytes Info page