Keeping you safe

Call us securely with our in-app call

What’s changing? 

We’ve recently launched our new in-app secure call. Sometimes, when we need to get in touch with you, we may now use this rather than calling you on your phone.  

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How will it work? 

  1. 01

    Notification or text message

    You’ll receive a notification or text message from us saying that we need to speak with you.  

  2. 02

    Log in

    Log in to the mobile app to make a secure call. 

  3. 03

    Confirm your identity 

    You’ll be asked to confirm your identity using your usual method, such as biometric approval or passcode, so we know we’re talking to the right person.

  4. 04

    Start secure call

    Check you’ve got a stable internet connection before you start the call. 


Top tips to keep you safe 

  • We’ll never ask you to give us your mobile app passcode, full PIN or password.  
  • We’ll never send a secure call request when we’re already on the phone with you.
  • Check the type of request you’re approving before you approve it. Remember, a secure call request will always come from us, whereas an online purchase request will always be triggered by a purchase you make. 


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