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The world of identity theft

What is identity theft?

Identity theft is when a fraudster steals enough of your personal information to impersonate you. They then apply for loans, credit cards and other services in your name.

Signs your information might have been stolen

Unexpected account withdrawals

You’ve seen payments on your bank statement that you don’t recall making.

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Letters go missing in the post

This could be a sign that your mail has been re-directed to a fraudster.

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Loan or credit card application rejections

You know you’ve got a good credit score but you can’t seem to get credit.

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Bills for accounts you never opened

You have received emails or letters for services you know you haven't taken. 

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Sudden calls from debt collectors

This could be a sign that that someone might have applied for credit in your name.

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Strange errors on your credit report

Your credit score unknowingly drops or you notice new accounts and credit appear on your report.

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What you can do to prevent identity theft

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    Regularly check your credit card and bank statements. Stay on the lookout for things you didn't do, and charges you don’t recognise.

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    Be careful what you're sharing on social media. Fraudsters can use your posts as a gateway to your data

  3. 03

    Keep an eye on your credit score. Credit reference agencies can help you check if someone has opened a new account, or taken out a loan or credit card in your name.

  4. 04

    Keep your personal documents safe. Throwing documents away? Use a shredder.

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